Joy Rodak: Tips To Ensure That Your Physical Therapy Session Will Succeed

Physical therapy can help you recover from chronic pain, injury recovery, and other medical issues that affect your mobility and strength. But have you ever wondered just how effective physical therapy is? Or what you can do to make sure that your sessions are as helpful as possible? For that, Joy Rodak has got some tips on how to make the most of your time with a PT.

Be Honest About How You Feel With Your Therapy

When you’re in a physical therapy session, you must be honest with your therapist. If you are feeling pain, tell them! Don’t worry about being a “complainer” or making them feel bad, as they are there to help and will want to know how the therapy is going for you.

If the exercises seem too difficult for your level of injury/pain, let them know right away. They will find another way to get what you need out of this session, while also ensuring that you don’t get hurt more than necessary by pushing too far too fast.

Be Ready To Make A Commitment In Your Therapy Session

If you’re struggling with a chronic condition and have another job, family obligations, and other responsibilities, then you must be honest with yourself about what’s possible in terms of scheduling appointments.

Make sure that both parties understand what is expected of them during each session so there are no surprises later on down the road when something isn’t working out as planned or anticipated.

Follow The Plan Your Therapist Gives You

Finally, make sure to listen to your therapist and do what they tell you to do. Joy Rodak Be honest with them about how you feel during each session, whether it’s a good or bad experience for you. They need this information so that they can help improve their methods of treatment for future sessions. If something isn’t working for one reason or another, just let your therapist know!

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