Harnessing Technology To Reduce Trucking’s Environmental Impact By Dayne Yeager

The trucking industry transports roughly 70% of the nation’s freight by weight, and it accounts for around 10% of all emissions in the state. According to Dayne Yeager , it is also one of the most mature industries in terms of technology adoption, with many organizations already embracing new strategies to lessen their environmental impact.

Battery-Powered Trucks: The Challenge

While battery-powered trucks are an exciting new technology, they have some significant limitations.

• Cost: A battery-powered truck’s batteries are expensive to replace or upgrade. For example, replacing all four batteries in a typical diesel truck with lithium-ion batteries costs $150,000. This is far more expensive than simply filling up with $2 diesel fuel and driving away.
• Efficiency: Because battery power has a lower energy density than liquid fuels such as gasoline or diesel fuel, you’ll need more room for your battery pack to provide the same range as a conventional vehicle’s tank of gas. This can reduce their total efficiency, especially when compared to hybrid vehicles, which combine internal combustion engines and electric motors for the best performance.

Battery-Powered Trucks: The Promise

Battery-powered trucks are a promising technology that could help lessen the environmental impact of trucking. They also pledge to better the lives of truck drivers and their employers.

Battery-powered vehicles are better for the environment since they do not emit pollutants into the atmosphere like diesel engines. This implies less smog, which can cause respiratory ailments such as asthma and lung cancer in people who live near busy freeways or industrial regions. It also means lesser greenhouse gas emissions, which are a major contributor to climate change, and lower carbon monoxide levels in metropolitan areas where cars tend to congregate.

Technology To Reduce Trucking’s Environmental Impact

Aside from the environmental benefits of lowering fuel usage and emissions, trucking businesses can also profit financially from implementing this technology.

Hybrid vehicles are another method for businesses to lessen their environmental impact while saving money. A hybrid car generates power for movement by combining an internal combustion engine aka ICE and an electric motor powered by batteries or hydrogen fuel cells; this allows them to travel further than fully electric vehicles while emitting less pollution than traditional diesel engines. Click here Dayne Yeager.

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