WIT meet Crossfit

    CrossFit Inc., is partnering up with WIT, a London based global sports retailer. This is major shakeup making WIT the official global e-commerce partner for Crossfit.

    This move was expected in the community as there were tell tale signs of  the CrossFit Store, and Stuff Store URLs getting redirected to the CrossFit section. We believe this is a move in the right direction as well. This is essentially Crossfit getting rid of more responsibility and creating a licensed business model and concentrate more on health side of things.  You can hear Greg Glassman talk about this in this interview.

    The CrossFit store, and Stuff store will be managed by WIT under a single CrossFit section and the switch is expected to happen this Saturday. WIT brings their excellent retail and brand experience in managing this as well as the Crossfit Games. This partnership will mean emerging brands get in on the action and also the expansion of existing range of services. The new site is expected to have separate U.S. and E.U. based stores.


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