Wild Card for the Games

    Hunter McIntyre tries to get the wildcard ticket

    Greg Glassman; since the cnages of the games have been announced did make clear that the Crossfit Games was open to everyone. Therefore opening up 'wildcard' tickets.

    It seems that Hunter McIntyre is after the invite.

    He has started a show with Fit Aid following him working with some of the most experience coaches and atheletes around today. I guess if Greg Glassman is true to his word then perhaps he should offer the place up. In one of Hunters most recent interviews, he claimed that he should be able to finish at least top 3 in every single endurance event, which would place him high enough to place top 10 in the games statistically. His arguement is based on his qualifications and records in the tough mudder world.

    The below video gives us a good idea of what he is trying to achieve

    Harry Gibson

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