Who is going to the games so far

    Unofficially, now the Open is over, this is who is going to the games

    Open workout 19.5 certainly opened the feild up. Seems there was a bit of disappointment with the repeat of an old movement, chest to bar was different but perhaps thrusters with dumbells, no doubt we'd regret saying that...

    Unofficially we have a top 20, Crossfit HQ has a bit of work to do reviewing scores, judging and videos so this is very unoffcial.

    Mens 2019 top Qualifiers

    Mat Fraser finishes first, now punching his ticket multiple times to the games. His third year in a row winning the open, seems that having an off season before the open only helps him. Worrying for the rest of the field. In the words of a games commentator "you work out with Mat, he doesn't work out with you'. Orginal quote was used when speaking about Froning in what I believ was the 2015 Crossfit games.

    Next up are; Lefteris Theofanidis, Bjorgvin Karl Gudmundsson, Jacob Heppner, Jean-Simon Roy-Lemaire. That makes up the top 5.  Second and fifth respectfully are rookies. Great to see Jacob heppner to high, he is on our watch list for a podium finish this year. Of the top 3 finishers at the 2018 Games Mat is the only one to finish in the top 20 and Pat Vellner has qualified out of Wodapolooza only.

    Brent Fikowski has yet to qualfy as he didn't make the cut off point for the open and cam 14th in Canada. He did say earlier in the year that he felt the new games format was more suited to him as an athelete. Slightly taking the pressure off from the Open.

    Here he is talking with Marcus Filly about some memorable moments at the Games.

    For now we look like we have some pretty serious athletes attending on the mens side of things.

    The Women's field...

    Sara Sigmundsdottir looks to take her second open win, which is really eciting for all the Sara fans out the. Yet to finish top of the podium but certainly having the potential to do so. Injury free Sara could be a real force to be reckoned with going in to the 2019 Games.

    None of last years top 3 finished in the top 5, not anything to worry about as a few of them have already qualified. Sam Briggs showed she is a year round veteran comming in 23rd, having already qualified for the games via the Dubai Sanctionals.

    The new structure makes this season potentially a lot more interesting to watch. With some nail biting competition coming up.

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