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    The leader board top ten analysis, somewhat...

    With one more annoucenment due, it seems a good time to work out what is going on. Despite the somewhat abrupt, but what we think is  healthy cnage to the Crossfit Games, it looks like the top ten on the both the womens and mens side has some of the usual athletes doing what they usually do very well.

    The Men.

    No surprise with Mat Fraser placing number 1 spot, albeit we thought this might be his year to get knocked off that top spot. Turns out that he can travel, do a lot of media and still remain top of the block. Qualifying straight out of the first sanctional event took the pressure off however he has clearly not lost any site of his goals. The closest to him is Lefteris Theoanidis a three times regionals competitor, with zero games appearances. Then Bjorgvin Karl Gudmunsson in third, last year placing twelth over all, anything could happen after 19.5... Jacob Heppner has shown a real come back after not being able to compete at last years games.. it is fair to say that the guy has got a hell of a lot strronger...

    In 2017 Sara Sigmundsdóttir brought herself a pair of birkenstock to celebrate winning the Crossfit open, in 2018 she got her self coah and formulated a 5 year plan. She train 3 weeks straight with 1 active recovery day every 7 days - usually a 2-3 hour cycle - she has changed to a vegan diet and is working on her sleep. Seems that 2019 could be her year given her 23 point lead. However anything could happen after 19.5 is announced.

    So far there have been 5 sanctional events, taking the new format this is who is going to the games:

    From Sanctionals:

    Dubai - Sam Briggs -  no handing over to second place due to not qualifying in top 20 worldwide, however in country she is leading by 15 points, likely to go all the way to Karin Fray from Crotia, Skipping Jamie Green (Top 20 worlwide and Sara for Strength in Depth)

    Australia  - Madeline Sturt as Sam has already qualified through Dubai.

    Wodapalooza - Tia-Clair Toomey - Will give her place to Kari Pearce, who will pass it on to Sara, in fact it will likely go all the way down to Colleen Fotsch

    Crossfit Fittest in Cape Town - Katrin Davidsdootir - will give her place up to Mia Akerlund.

    Strength in Depth - Sara - gives her place up to Jamie Green who will give it up to Dani Speegle.

    A lot could still happen..

    Harry Gibson

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