The Rogue Invitational - a review

    The most anticipated event of the year is over

    The Rogue invitational in Columbus Ohio went by too fast and was arguably at Crossfit Games quality. I mean they kit out the games so it was to be expected. Lets start with the qualifiers and go form there:

    Team -

    1. CrossFit OC3

    2.   CrossFit Invictus Back Bay

    3.  Crossfit Mayhem Freedom

    4.  Don't Stop

    5.   Crossfit 417

    Every one is thinking it but no one is saying it... What is happening with Mayhem Freedom. It makes the Team division pretty interesting. Mayhem have historically  had the best rosater of athelets but due to the rule chnanges people are beginning to challenge that top spot on the podium.

    Mens -

    1. Mat Fraser
    2. Patrick Vellner
    3. Cole Sager
    4. Streat Hoerner
    5. Chandler Smith

    Chandler smith qualified out of that, which smashes Ben Smiths dreams out of the water. There is still time though. Chandler Smith is and interesting new competitor and an sinteresting guy to watch. One of his trainign partners is Noah Olsen, who is yet to qualify. Again interesting that he has still not quailifed in a recent blog he did say that he was going to go to almost all the sanctionals next year. Make a season of it, which is probably what a lot of the new althe;ets going forward will do.

    Mat Fraser dominated, not much more to say about that. Pat Vellner gave him a good fight. Most interesting for us was Cole Sager, potentially a serious future athelete. Interestingly he said in a recent Brute Strength podcast that he was concentrating on his training differently which seems to be paying off.

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    1. Tia-Clair Toomey
    2. Sara Sigmundsdottir
    3. Annie Thorisdottir
    4. Katrin Daviosdottir
    5. Kristen Holte

    Probably the most interesting division once you take Legends away. For us the ones to watch were Sara Sigmundsdootir, because she is a passionate athelete and is on a really interesting training schedule with Red Pill Training, who also produce some pretty decent content on Youtube. In their Roster is also Sam Briggs and Elliot Simons also head coach at WIT London.

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    The new series of For Real is here! Follow @sarasigmunds, @ellsimmo93, @bicepslikebriggs and the @redpillcoach coaching team as they join 10 of the best European CrossFit athletes at the RedPill training camp in Lanzarote and train towards the 2019 @crossfitgames — In this episode hear how Sara and Elliot are taking on the 2019 Games season and watch the athletes take on Open workout 19.5 — Link in bio! — 🎥 @joshmhodge — #crossfit #crossfitgames #crossfitathletes #crossfitathlete #crossfitters #crossfitcommunity #crossfitcompetition #crossfitcoach #crossfitdubai #crossfituk #crossfittraining #crossfitlife #redpill #redpilltraining #forreal #crossfitgames2019 #athletelife #crossfitopen2019 #crossfitopen

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    And Laura Horvaht, who was technically disqualified for not completing the minimum work required for  the Snatch and Press... In the 2018 she came second overall, which for someone of her age was really interesting. This year has just not been her year but we are still excited by her potential.

    Here is a bit of Red Pill content, just cause we are fans:

    Harry Gibson

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