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    There are a few familiar names on top of the leader board, overall lead on the mens side is Jean-Simon Roy-Lemaire a three time reginals athelete; highest open finish 4th in 2018.

    Top of the womesn leader board is Sara Sigmundsdottir, who has already qualified for the Crossfit games via the sacntional event Strength in Depth. If she finishes top 20 which is looking likely, with Jamie Greene also finishing top twenty the qualifying spot could go to Dani Speegle.

    The mens leader board also gives way to some potential new qualifying spots. It is almost a given that Mat Fraser, Travis Mayer and  Bjorgvin Gudmundsson will qualfy in the top 20 in the world. While it looks extremely likely Willy George will qualify 1st in France, therefore potentially opneing up the Dubai sanctionl spot to Roman Khrennikov.

    It seems fair to say that the new structure of this years games has caused some controversy. However it is still giving oppurtunity to plenty of atheletes.

    In 2018 people argued that certain atheletes would not have qualified had they been in different regions. The spread of time over differnet regionals arguably gave some atheletes more time to practice certain movements and even fully workouts.

    It seems that the best are still making it to the games and the weakest will be whined out.

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    Harry Gibson

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