The Wild Card, what we think..

    Being a bit late to the party gives  bit of perspective

    There have been a lot of opinions thrown about. By a lot of respectable people, some a bit bitter, some just honest and some just protecting a friend.

    Now that Hunter McIntyre has been offered a place in the games lets have a look at some context.

    On April 9th 2019, well after the Crossfit Games changes had been annouced. CrossFit HQ posted this video

    It is called A Gathering of Champions.. This gathering earns the winner the title The Fittest in Earth. That is a big title and it game with this idea behind it:

    "The Strength and value of CrossFit lies entirely within our dominance of other athletes, this is a truth divined through competition, not debate" Personally I think that is all there is too it there should be no debate. Let's see how he fares...

    For the sake of the article though I will continue.

    I'll tell you who did have a big debate about it; Brent Fikowski and the man himself Hunter McIntyre. They did it with

    The only thing that I learnt from the above is that Hunter getting an invite and there is nothing that anyone can do about it. There are a lot of people out there who want games invites including myself, so I guess jealously is the reason people are annoyed? remeber whn the new rule book came out it did say that CrossFit HQ reserved the right to send out invites for previous athletes. Would that cause an outcry, probably not, but what if they chose not to train all year, that would be given then not earnt? Surely people can see this. What about Noah Ohlsen? He got into the Crossfit Games as a result of other peoples over successes. Yes he works hard but it appears Hunter does too.

    Here Craig Richey weighs in on the debate:

    He think that Drew Wayman, who took second at Strength in Depth deserves a spot at the Games more.

    I think he will come back better. Plus if we give people who have trained purely in Crossfit the chance then we aren't really divining the truth through competition.

    I think we let it play out and then eveyone have a conversation about it....

    Harry Gibson

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