The First Interviews come out

    Mat Fraser wins. Fitness Volt. 5th August 2019.

    The First Fraser interviews start to come out

    Mat Fraser starts talking about his experience at this years games. The 4 time champ, with the smallest CrossFit Games win since Ben Smith beat Mat Fraser, opens up about the week just gone. It seems that the 'cuts' made him work a hell of a lot faster.

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    Undisputed. @mathewfras

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    In order of what we found first and with respect the the interviewers that out gret content together.

    The Morning Chalk up

    We get to see the New metcon 5's. Good interview but more for the sake of Nike.

    Team Richey

    Good insite into where they stay during the Games and what they are up to after the Games. Envious of their cabin.

    Armen Hammer TV

    The most in depth interview of them all

    Harry Gibson

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