The End of the Reebok Shoe Era

    The Reebok-only shoe mandate has finally been lifted from the CrossFit games this year

    Ah, the pleasures of having an official sponsor that makes sports apparel. The official sponsor since time immemorial of the CrossFit Games has been Reebok, and with that sponsorship has come the requirement that all athletes at the games have to use Reebok trainers. Reebok have their own dedicated CrossFit line, which are extremely popular with athletes and amateurs (they are great shoes). Thanks to their sponsorship deal, they've enjoyed a virtual monopoly on CrossFit trainers, and have enforced the Reebok-only trainers rule at the CrossFit games.

    All this is set to change with the 2019 Games, however, after the CrossFit Games announced that athletes can wear whatever shoes they want at the upcoming Games.

    These changes only effect shoes, however. It will still be Reebok everything else, and Reebok will still be reaping the protections it gets from its deal with CrossFit. So that means no Nike or Addidas in the vendor village. Although you'd only care about that if you're actually going to the Games. Most of us will just watch on YouTube.

    So, who will actually be wearing non-Reebok footwear?

    Notable Nike wearers are:

    • Sara Sigmundsdottir
    • Mathew Fraser
    • Laura Horvath
    • Lukas Högberg
    • Jacob Heppner

    James Newbury will be repping Under Armour. Dani Speegle should be in inov-8s.

    Meanwhile NOBULL have teamed up with Kristi Eramo and Brooke Wells.

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    Posted by NOBULL on Wednesday, 14 February 2018

    Is this good for CrossFit? Well, athletes are now free to sign separate sponsorship deals with other sports companies. This is great news for all, mainly because it means more money coming to athletes and more money circulating round the CrossFit world. This means greater competition and greater enthusiasm across the board.

    Don't forget the CrossFit Games kickoff on 1st August.

    Hugo Gibson

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