Rogue Invitational approaches

    As sanctionals go, Rogue looks to set a standard

    The Reykjavik Sanctional, in our eyes, set a standard for other sanctional events to live up to. The first few minutes of this TeamRichey Video give you a great idea of the scene and the gravity of the event:

    So what should we expect from the Rogue Invitational. First and foremost some differnet events. Event 2 a ski and shoot a target event, if only Jacob Heppner was down for this he has plenty of content suggesting he would win and event like this:

    There look like there are some good events coming up in the invatational and arguably some of the best tests so far. A common thread throughout most of the sanctionals now is some form of Concept 2 aerobic capacity race. So far seeming the most taxing on the atheletes and pontetially runing them for the rest of the weekend.

    Rogue looks to be one of the best so far:

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    It’s almost time. #ryourogue

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