Ricky hits up 19.2

    It seems that Ricky Garard, the disgraced 2017 athelete, is make a point out of uploading is 2019 Open workout. He placed 113th worldwide for 19.1.

    In 19.2 he got 428 reps with a tie breaker (point at which last set of double unders were finised) of 16 minutes 52 seconds. This would place him 179th in 19.2, he has improved by 4 reps since 16.2 with the tie breaker coming in at 17 minutes 32 seconds. There is an improvement there however compared to someone like Rich Froning

    who finished the workout in 15 minutes 58 seconds, which is an improvement of over 1 minute.. It shows that staying in the games pay dividends when it come to future gains.

    Rick Garards 19.2 is below:

    Harry Gibson

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