Rich Froning Returns

    Rich Froning is making a come back at individual level

    After 4 years out of the individual game Rich Froning has decided to take up the offer to compete as an individual again.

    With Chyna Cho roumored to be joining the Mayhem teams, it seems that Rich may have done his bit to make his gym a competitor factory. The roster they have at Crossfit Mayhem is arguably on of the best in the world, at some point he would have to step away from team anyway to see if they can still do what it takes without him. Training aorund Tia amd Mat Fraser, Rich has properly got a feeling that he can still play with the fittest.

    Rich is currently the only person to have won 4 Crossfit games consistently, having joined team he lead two Mayhem teams to victory. He said this to the Morning Chalk up:

    “After 2014, I really needed a break from individual competition. Leading three teams to Affiliate Cup championships has actually made me a better all around athlete without the wear and tear on my body. Now I’m ready to get back to it, and I have no plans on walking away without the top spot in Madison.”

    This year could shape up to be one of the best yet!

    Harry Gibson

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