Review - Rxbars

    A Review of the Rxbars in Blueberry, Chocolate Sea Salt, and Peanut Butter

    Generally Soylent and Huel are more in line with the startup founder who is always on the go. Silicon Valley wannabes skip meals and just drink shakes, believing that eating solid food is a complete waste of time and they need to focus on innovating rather than lunch. A quick search online will reveal hundreds of these almost too-ridiculous-to be-real-characters saying how much Soylent improved their productivity, and increased their startup's valuation. Recent reports  doubting the health benefits of Soylent have emerged and have dented the dream.

    Soylent has not been as popular in the Crossfit community, but energy bars and others have always played some kind of a role in Crossfitters mentality. A fairly new, exciting one of these bars is the Rxbar. I tried three different types and can give you the lowdown. I went for the Blueberry , the Chocolate Sea Salt, and the Peanut Butter. All three have the same base ingredients: egg whites, dates and nuts. Then these base ingredients are mixed with other ingredients to give a distinct quality to each flavour. The ratio of protein to fibre to calories is pretty much the same for each bar. They all have around 12g of protein and 4-5g of fibre, plus 200 or so calories. They're not quite a meal supplement like Huel of Soylent, but if you were to have three to four, they would be.

    The first thing I liked about the bars is the packaging. Nice, clean and simple. Tells you what it is with simple block colours. Of course, you should not be judging food by its looks, but there's no denying we're all suckers for branding. The clean image must mean a clean healthy lifestyle right? I'll leave that for you to decide, but I was impressed by the branding.

    In terms of taste ... well ... they're okay. I don't expect much from energy bars to be honest. I never have. I'm one of those old-fashioned people who actually likes to have a meal and sit and chew. Each bar does actually taste like what's advertised. It wasn't the most blueberry blueberry bar I've ever had but it tasted good enough and I definitely enjoyed eating the three flavours I tried. In terms of energy; they provide it. In terms of health, I mean I didn't have a carb crash but I also didn't feel some kind of transformation. I ate one an hour before training for two weeks and definitely felt they gave me some energy before working out.

    In all, if you like your energy bars, Rxbars are a great choice. They taste good, they're nutritious and you can feel the benefits. I still wouldn't swap them for good old-fashioned meal, but then I'm not one of those people who feels everything in my life needs to be streamlined.

    Hugo Gibson

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