Review - RPM Session 3.0

    A review of the RPM Session 3.0 skipping rope

    Premium skipping ropes are a strange thing. Before I ever used one, I neve spent more than about £10 on a skipping rope. I always made do with nondescript plastic speed ropes that would eventually either snap at the handles or get so grazed by concrete floors that they'd become unuseable. If I was lucky I'd get about 6 months out of them and then have to buy a new one. £10 every 6 months didn't seem so bad to me so I never bothered with premium ropes.

    That all changed when I first used the RPM Session 2.0 (the previous generation to the one under review) and found that everything was better. A premium rope has better grips, a more consistent spin, works better on different surfaces, and just feels superior. I seem to be able to jump for longer and feel better. It's hard to describe exactly why premium ropes are so much better, but once you try one you'll never look back.

    The RPM Session 3.0 is the latest model in the RPM range. RPM is a company dedicated to skipping ropes. Their aim is "to create the most sophisticated rope the world has ever seen". As you can imagine when a company's sole purpose is to make skipping ropes, they certainly get it right. The Session 3.0 features brushed aluminium handles, a patented dual-axis spinning system, and coated cables. The handles are very tactile and joy to use. They don't seem to collect sweat and your hands stay firmly rooted in position throughout your session. The spinning system is smooth and responsive. No matter how fast you spin the rope keeps up fine. Double-unders are a joy and so smooth, it almost feels like you're cheating at times when using this rope. The coated cable makes it a little heavier than an uncoated equivalent, but it gives you extra durability and is still as fast as you'd want.

    The RPM Session 3.0 is a fantastic skipping rope. My only gripe with it is that if you've already got an RPM rope (especially the Session 2.0) I can't really see any reason to fork out another £60-odd for the upgrade. Having said that, the RPM Session 3.0 is a fantastic skipping rope and if you're new to premium ropes, you will not regret getting this. Stop wasting money on ropes you throw away every 6 months and invest in something premium. You won't regret it.

    Buttery Bros got theirs custom made here:

    Hugo Gibson

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