Review: Rogue Fitness Knee Sleeves

    When I first saw knee sleeves for sale, I thought to myself, do I really need them? I tried on a pair and boy I saw a difference. Knee sleeves provide compression, which counters light swellings. And because of that compression, your knee cap will stay firmly in position. Trust me they make a huge difference!

    Rogue has introduced these sleeves recently and they are a solid build. They have used a combination of rubber (SBR) and neoprene wrapped in a nylon shell. The sleeves have a very nice feel to them and because of the nylon they won't smell like a funky wetsuit after a good workout.

    The only downside I found is that the nylon soaks up a bit of sweat and that they stretch quite a bit. But overall, they are a solid purchase. They were actually quite affordable.

    The Sleeves are available in five colors, of which I prefer the blacks. There are 3MM, 5MM and 7MM variants and choosing which is a whole post in itself. I will publish a guide if you are finding it difficult which thickness to choose to wear. For sizing they come in 5 variants. I picked a size smaller than what Rogue suggested and they did stretch quite a bit on use. Be mindful of this as they will start to fall out once they stretch with use. All in all, they are a solid purchase under $70.


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