Review: Rogue Echo Bike

    Alright! Settle in for this! My local crossfit gym (Gymnasium Clapham for you Londoners) got this bike and I was super excited after I tried it out and had to write this review. Assault airbike is what I have been used to so far (also used at the CrossFit games) and this bike from rogue has been a surprisingly great upgrade. It is solidly built like all other rogue products. If you are a beginner to crossfit, I'll leave a short write-up on why you should consider biking.

    But for now, lets dig right into the specs for the echo bike. It comes installed with two interval options – 4:00 of :20 work and :10 rest, and 4:00 of :10 work and :20 rest. There is also an option to create your own custom workouts.  The bike has a belt drive system and is quiet compared to the airbike. Requires less maintenance (oiling and such) which is a huge advantage.

    Take a look at the video below from Garage Gym Reviews: It is a solid review!

    For all of you TL;DR fans, basically it is a super solid bike - Satan's tricycle! For all you Americans, ~$800 gets you this bike shipped and delivered to your home. Europeans have to shell out a tad more (~$1000).

    Coming back to why you should bike - Biking basically gives the ability to get your heart rate to not redline. Controlling your heartrate and also lactic acid build are the major things to monitor to get more reps and faster times. Doing sprint intervals on a bike is a good way to improve your endurance as you are battling resistance during  a biking session.

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