Review: Reyllen fitness grips

    Familiar with exposed skin and torn callouses? I pretty much can't do any workout with an open palm. Just yesterday I applied super glue on an rip on my finger. Ouch! Trust me you do not want to do that. So, grips, grips and grips!

    Grips help me a lot during my workout and I look for these qualities in my grips - durability, weight and grippyness. There are so many grips out there and infact Jacob Heppner made a video review on 25 of them (video below). Declared winner - Reyllen fitness grips! and I agree with the verdict. They are terrific!

    They are available in both, 3-hole and 2-hole, versions and there are two materials to choose from - leather, carbon fibre, depending on your workout intensity. What you want ultimately depends on your personal choice. I personally picked the 3-hole leather version and very pleased with my purchase. All in all, for less than 30£ they were fantastic.

    Jacob Heppner made a video with guns, trucks, explosions, puppies and some slo mo shots of grips - Take a look!

    I tried the picsil raven grips but found them thin to my taste. The reyllen grips fit perfectly and didn't require a terrible lot to break in. I could slip them right on into my workout. The velcro held well under stress and I am quite happy.

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