Review - Reebok Nano 9

    The Reebok Nano 9s are some of the most hotly anticipated shoes in the Crossfit world. It seems like every high-profile Crossfitters' Instagram is littered with the shoes. Everyone wants a pair. This is not surprising given the fantastic quality of the Nano 8s, which are fantastic all-rounders with a focus on stability. That's why I was delighted when I got my hands on a preview pair of Nano 9s, and let me say straight up that they were worth the wait.

    The Nano series aims to celebrate the everyday heroes in the world. This is teachers, nurses, the emergency services, and this is an admirable thing to do. While it's hard to see how a shoe that's heavily geared towards the Crossfit market is used by paramedics, I still think it's admirable that Reebok have geared their marketing campaign towards people that are generally under-celebrated in the modern world. Given that Crossfit is all about finding your limits and pushing yourself as far as you can, I think this campaign ties in nicely with the new Nano 9.

    Now onto the shoe. Let me just say it's an improvement on the Nano 8 in every way. The first change is Flexweave, a flexible and cooling material first introduced back in the Nano 8. Flexweave is great, but it didn't cover a lot of the Nano 8. This all changes with the 9. Pretty much the whole top of the shoe is wrapped in Flexweave and it's awesome. It's super flexible and keeps your feet cool and is super breathable. The downside is it's not at all water resistant so really this is an indoor shoe. Running in the rain is only gonna give you very wet feet.

    The other massive change is the sole. It's the same TPU material in the Nano 8 and also features a flat sole. The major difference is in the shape. It's a kind of flat horseshoe designed for humans - if that makes any sense. It's made of a very solid material and the flex is minimal. The treads are diamond-shaped - which I'm told increases the water displacement capacity - and they grip like a dream. I had no slippage at all when I was testing them out. They're a stable all-rounder with a real focus on groundwork.

    Like the Nano 8, I don't think these are really meant for cardio or outdoor training. The rigid sole limits their comfort for running and that lack of water resistance restricts their use in rainy days. Having said that the Nano 9 is an improvement to the Nano 8 in every way and they are a trainer that's well worth the investment even if you already have a pair of trainers in the Nano range.

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