Review: Nike Metcon Sport

    A review of the new Metcon Sport trainer from Nike

    If you're like me and received the gift (curse?) of wide feet from your parents, you've likely already come across the Nike Metcon range of training shoes. They run wider than usual and have a unique-looking construction. In looks they're half something Kanye would rock on stage, and half something you can actually use in the gym. Make no mistake though, despite the Yeezy wannabes rocking there shoes on their daily commute, the Metcon range has always been about serious training, rather than pre-teen fashion.

    That's why I was keen to try the new Metcon Sport as soon as I saw they were releasing a mid level shoe targeted towards the Crossfit audience. So I picked up a pair and have been trialling them for the past month or so.

    I've already mentioned that they look at little odd - not like your typical Metcons - but I think this is exacerbated by the lack of laces. Instead there's a single big strap that you can use to seal your foot into the shoe. As I said, though, they run a little wide so unless you've got wide feet, you could experience little slippage down near the toes. I didn't, but then I've got wide feet...

    If you've got especially narrow feet, this could cause a problem when you're running or doing groundwork, but for most people I don't think they'd cause a problem.

    Speaking of groundwork, they are comfortable and provide some solid support for a range of activities. The support is significant. That means if you prefer less support, these shoes probably aren't going to work for your general day to day groundwork.

    But lots of support means lots of stability and that's where the shoes shine. They are supremely stable shoes. They feel like snow shoes at times. Like no matter, I'm gonna stay on my feet with these on. For a line of shoes that's know for its adherence to stability, these Metcons might just be the most stable of all. I'm not a big weight lifter, but after doing a few simple deadlifts, I'm pretty confident saying these are among the most stable shoes for weightlifting I've tried.

    In all, these are solid all-rounders. They're reasonably priced at £85 and if you've got wide feet, these are definitely one to consider. If you're looking for a solid performer that will serve you well, then the Nike Metcon Sports are definitely worth a look.

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    Hugo Gibson

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