Review: Nike Metcon 5

    Finally, Nike's Metcon 5 training shoe have dropped. It's unbelievable that it is the 5th iteration of the Metcon series. Metcons have been a favourite among trainers although they did lose some ground to Reebok's Nano series, especially the Nano 9. Nike made a comeback with this shoe and it is by far the most comfortable shoe I tried. Nike has even released a Mat Fraser special edition dubbed the "matcon" seen above.

    Technically, it is a fully redesigned shoe barring the similar looks of the Metcon series. This includes the construction to the materials chosen for making this shoe. You can see a clean shot of the shoe below

    As part of the redesign, they have redone the upper with, what they are calling, a Haptic chain link pattern to increase the durability of the shoes. It can better withstand the abuse with rope climbs and other stress workouts. The 4's had a Tri star haptic pattern if you are interested in knowing.

    The most noticeable change is the new dual-density drop-in mid sole. As Nike put's it - "The dual-density drop-in midsole is softer and more flexible in the forefoot. This adds comfort and protection during high-impact moves like double-unders, box jumps, burpees and more."

    The shoe also sports a new wider heel for improved stability. The fit of the shoe is on spot for me and they are so flexible even the sole bends and feels very very comfortable (You can see it on the clip above). On the down side they are slightly heavier than the 4's or Nano 9's but they do not feel heavy at all. Also, I felt they were not the most comfortable shoe to run outside with. I found the super flexible sole of the shoe very hard on my feet. The shoe in general is low and feels very close to the ground. However, they also include removable "Hyperlifts" if you do feel the need to increase the "drop".

    Currently, they are going for about ~ 110£ on amazon. I'll leave a link here if any of you are interested to buy - Nike Men's Metcon 5 Low-Top Sneakers

    Enjoy a few close up's of the "matcon" below:

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