Reebok announces Nano 9

    Reebok announce the release of the Nano 9

    The Nano 9 is set to hit the shelves in June this year. After the success of the Nano 8 we are looking forward to getting our hands on a pair of these shoes. Here is what we know.

    They asked a lot of people about the shoe. Atheletes of all capacities., looks like they took a leaf out of Crossfit HQ's tree..... and are taking the shoes back to where it belongs to the grass routes, the the boxes, to the people looking to improve their over all health.

    It looks too like they learnt a bit from the Fronings, the feature that everyone went wild for with the Froning was the elasticated band inside the shoe which means you don't wlays have to ahve you lace extra tight. So they took the note of comfort and added a whole lot of that. Cushining throughout it seems. When if comes to the performance they have also made a few tweeks that are in line with Crossfit Workouts in general. Ever since Chris Hinshaw started waving his endurance wand over the Crossfit Communtiy, we have all been doing a lot of running. So in line with  this they have added a lot more traction to the sole and allowed more bend... Hoepfully still allowing the ability to squat properly.

    Here are Dan Bailey (number 3 in the ledgends catergory) and Pat Vellner (number 2 in the Rogue Invitational) having a chat about what the shoe offers:

    Here is Rich Froning letting us know a thing or two about the shoe

    Reebok really do seem to listen to the people. At the moment it seems like Nike are yet to listen to what anyone but what top ened atheletes want. I guess the field is now completely open as atheletes cn wear any shoes they choose. It will come down to the quality of the shoe and cash I guess. At the moment I think that Reebok have cerated some truly great shoes and keep challenging themselves. Nike as a brand of shoe we love but they need to test where it can go a bit more...

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    Harry Gibson

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