Mat didn't win the open

    Mat Fraser didn't win the open, is this worth the news

    Mat Fraser hasn't (unofficially) won the open for the first time in 4 years. Last time he didn't win the open, he still won the Games, he came second to Ben Smith even with an open win - 2015.  That pissed him off enough to come 1st in everything, since then he has basically come first in everything that matters.

    Now that he is trained by the same coach as Tia Clair maybe his strategy has changed. I suppose there are so many ways to qualify, the pressure of attending the games has actually gone down. he is yet to declare the Sanctionals that he intends on attending. He will undoubtedly set the record straight there.

    Pat Vellner  did win though and he has always been chasing Mat's heels. SO maybe it is time for some change or maybe I will just get proved wrong. I kind of hope Mat Smashes through riches Games record.

    Pat proved he couldn't handle the pressure. Mat prevailed through the changes. You gotta show up on the day anyway.

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    I’m happy to have the second open of 2019 behind me and be in a position to qualify for the 2020 Crossfit Games this early in the year. It’s an added bonus to be sitting in first place right now! It’s a fun feather in the cap, but there is lots of video review to come in the next few weeks and things might change. The bottom line is this: I’m proud of my effort, and it’s a great way to start the year. On to sanctionals. Looking forward to the rest of the 2020 season. I hope everyone out there is proud of their effort in the open this year and learned something about themselves. Just remember that at times it can be frustrating but it’s a long road. Look back sometimes to appreciate the progress you’ve made. Here’s a little glance at how far I’ve come since 2013... 📷 @reebok #keepatit #2020vision #intheopen #longroad #keepimproving #grow #fitness #motivation #crossfit #training #reebok #reebokcanada #foodspring #tydaxfitness #romwod #beelevated #dekacomp

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