Laura Hovarth, what is going on? Should we be worried?

    Women's 2018, second place finisher seems to be suffering

    That or maybe something else is up. Back in February 2018 I remember coming across a video on Youtube of Laura. Firstly I was desperate for Crossfit content, between the Open and Regionals, secondly I was excited to see someone who could potentially shake up the womens field. The Womnes field has always been the most interesting to me as there has yet to be someone completely dominant, in the same way Rich Froning was and Mat Fraser is. Sara Sigmunsdottir, Tia-Clair Toomey and Laura Hovarth seemed like the ones to watch fo me this year.

    First there was Dubai, which was a really great oppurtunity for atheletes to stamp an early ticket and make a bit of cash. Sara was comming back from and injury so nothing to much was expected there. Sam Briggs, I will be honest I did not expect that from her, but she has proved me wrong many a time now, so for that I can only apologise. Laura I thought would be the one to watch, she had been seen to be working with Hinshaw a bit and had proved her self the year before. There was no declaration of injury before hand and her coach only confessed to her having a busy schedule after the dropped out with a back injury, which she seemed to get on the dessert run. She did come 1st in event 6, which has since been named the acid bath, what seems like a fair name.. Then 3rd in the 1 rep Max snatch event. So.... Here strength is certainly there and her ability to suck up the lactic acid is also there. Fair play if you are injured I cannot critise that.

    Since then the Open has happened and she came 1st in country which gets her to the  Games. The Open hasn't akwasy been the proof of Games potential. However we did expect a bit better from her in worldwide and you have got to go a long way down that list to find her. I mean you have go to go to page 5!

    So what is my point. My point is one purely of curiosity, would be great to sit down with her and work it all out. Maybe it is the travel maybe it is the pressure. At the age of 22 you know that she has go a lot left in the tank and it ws interesting watching someone come up so quickly.

    Rogue was the one to watch for me, but she just didn't seem comfortable in herself. I really hope that I am proven wrong at the games....

    These guys say it best back in 2018

    Harry Gibson

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