Is Haley Adams the furture?

    Is Haley Adams the begining on the next Generation of Crossfitters?

    Haley Adams from Crossfit Mayhem - is looking very competitive coming into this season as an 'adult'. At 18 years old, 5 foot 6 inches and 143 pound she is looking like she could be making a huge statement in the coming years.

    She has alredy made it to the Games via the open, finishing 32nd in the worldwide open and 17th in the USA. Arguably the most competitive country in the world.

    Having trained with CrossFit Mayhem seems to have benefited the up and coming teen star massively. She is the youngest by 2 years of the top 32 competitors and coming next to the 5 years. It makes interesting watching for the future of the games.

    At the beginning of the sanctional season she finished a competitvie 7th, among some serious competiton. Only once finishing outside the top 10, where she came 19th is the heavy (65kg) thurster, which isn't last and considering her age is seriously impressive. Originally she went to Strength in depth to only test her skills as an individual.

    Then onto Iceland at the Reykjavik CrossFit Championships, where there were no finishes outside the top 10 and she came a very respectable 2nd, leading the way for most of the weekend. Perhaps not the strongest field she has faced but still comptetive workouts and some good tests.

    This month she is competing in the Granite Games and perhaps the Roogue Invatational. There is still a lot to come from this exciting Prospect.

    For a more indepth look at the Teen, Craig Richey did a pretty good interview with Haley when she was competing at Strength in depth. Check it out below:

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