Day 1- Summary

    What it looks like after day 1

    Mat Fraser during Event 2 at the 2019 Crossfit games. Photo: Crossfit Inc.

    We started the games knowing very little. Well we knew about the new scoring system and we knew about the cuts. The events were named First Cut 75 and Second Cut 50. A while back Greg Glassman expressed interest in reducing the field to 10 for the final 2 days. The original outrage was due to use not being able to watch our favourite athletes go head to head. To counter that I would say that we were only really ever interested in watching the top 2 heats.

    From this new format, what I can say is that they are certainly making the field a hell of a lot more competitive. I mean if you trip, or make a mistake you are going to get cut very quickly. You have to perform at your best, at every workout. there is no margin for error. This makes the sport slightly more competitive, you can't be avergae anymore. You have to be your best.

    I actually thought that the original workout would be Chris Hinshaws workout. the one where the field starts with all the atheletes on the running track and they run 400m and an athelete gets dropped when they lose that 200m. That woudl be interesting. you would have to be above average ever 2oom.

    That would be pretty awesome.

    Anyway where are we.


    It is no surprise to see Mat Fraser out top. With 2 1st Place finishes, this is not typical of him. He is suited more to these styles of workouts though so it makes sense that his places so highly. He said after event 1 that he was keen to get as many points as possible in as early on as possible, which makes sesen considering the competitive nature of these games.

    1st Cut time - 15:07:70

    2nd Cut time - 05:37:02

    Chandler Smith came in a close second at 15min 52 seconds. this sin't really that close thought let's be honest. Although a fan favourite and one of Noah Olsens training partners it was good to see him up there.

    Ben Smith awesome to see him place in 4th so early on. I wouldn't be surprised if he podiums.

    Most surprise with Brent Fikoski's performance so far.

    Boxcloths predictions as of right now stand at -

    Mat Fraser, Pat Vellner, Ben Smith (We always said he was back!)

    Catch Live update here


    In summary we are most surprised about Sara Sigmunsdottir. She is yet to come out and say anything about her performances so far. Tia dominated in a devasting manor in event 1. Kari Pearce deserves to place where she has.

    The womens event is more interesting as it is slightly less predictable. The terrifying force of Tia Clair Toomey was just not as applified as Mat Frasers. She did however make a bold statement after event 1. It says she is here to win from the off. She isn't here to play.. Despite finsihing 12th in event 2 she still place 3rd over all. That is a staement in such early days. She was 20 seconds behing Karrisa, which is noting compared to a nearly 2 minute lead in event 1....

    The other inpressive athlete is Hayley Adams, I don't see her getting to the podium but 6th place at 18 years old! I can't see any problems here in here future of crossfit.

    Predictions after day 1 - Tia, Annie, Kari

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    Tomorrow can’t come soon enough!

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    As we saw earlier tis week as presented by the  Buttery Bros - Article

    Team CrossFit Mayhem Freedom are a force to be reckoned with. The teams have no where to hide with this. They will have no time to rest, no time to regroup. If they haven't already got a plan, they are going to lose and lose badly. The cuts will be happening today, which means only one thing for team Mayhem and that is that they have less people biting at their heels. Two 1st place finishes and a second place finish in the Max Clean and Jerk but be a mere 40lbs to Sam Dancers extraordinary strength.

    I cannot seem Mayhem going anywhere now, with a psychological lead like that! Can you?

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