CrossFit Games 2019 Competition Changes

    A rundown of the changes to the 2019 CrossFit Games

    The 2019 CrossFit Games is going be a wholly different beast from last year and the years before. Last week a formal announcement  came for the Crossfit Games confirming the changes.

    In short, there will be 148 men and 134 women competing. After the first event the number of athletes will be cut roughly in half to 75 and will then progressively narrow over the course of the events. The narrowing will happen in lesser increments, going from 75 to 50, then 40, 30, 20 and then the final 10 who will compete for the glory.

    The same rules have been applied to the team competition.

    So what does this mean for fans and athletes? Well, it does mean over half of the competitors will have been cut by the halfway mark, but that's probably about it. The competition will certainly be more competitive but it's not going to have much of an effect on the fans.

    The main reason for these changes is to bring in more of the international community. The athletes will now be selected from the champion of each of the 162 CrossFit affiliates. Those who qualified will then be invited to participate in the Games.

    It's pretty clear why CrossFit have decided to do this. While it originated in the U.S. and many of the most famous athletes are from the U.S., CrossFit is a rapidly expanding organisation and has a huge global following. While some people have complained about the changes, arguing that it's going to make things harder for North American athletes, I think this is great for the world of CrossFit. Yes, the North Americans are going to have to work harder, but that will have a knock-on effect and everyone will eventually have to push themselves faster. It's also great that CrossFit is taking the international community into consideration. For a sport that is all about egalitarianism, and one that welcomed the inclusion of women from the very start, I think this is a great move. They should be promoting CrossFit and encouraging everyone to take part. If people can see their fellow countrymen competing on the international stage, they'll surely want to emulate them.

    As for what it means for the games themselves and how they'll play out, who knows? There's been speculation about how the changes might affect the quality of the competition, but it's all just speculation. The truth is, we can't know until the games kickoff.

    Game week is 28th July through 4th August and the competition begins on Thursday 1st August. Don't miss it.

    Hugo Gibson

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