Open - 19.5

    19.5 Cross fit open announcement locations

    Crossfit Open 19.5 is the final Open workout of the new season.

    The last announcement will also be the biggest, with 2018 champs going head to head; Mat Fraser vs. Tia-Clair Toomey in Miami.

    Jessica Coughlin will take on Khan Porter, both members of one of the super Teams Project X, out in Asutralia.

    Sean Sweeney and Travis Williams will go head to head in Ireland home of the new Crossfit sanctional event Crossfit Filthy 150

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    WOW! . It still seems surreal, but this cowboy is heading back to the @crossfitgames !!! . I will be making a more in depth post later but first and foremost, I want to thank everyone for being in my corner, for believing in me, for bringing so much energy and encouragement, and making this dream of mine a reality. Winning is cool, but the real prize is feeling all of the support from you guys. . I am honored to be able to perform for you guys again at the biggest stage of our sport. Now the real work begins!! . Thank you so much to @lumegent for making this trip possible and standing behind me always. . Thanks to my #prettybutz @emmbutz for being my rock and number one supporter. None of this would be feasible without your love. . Thanks to my family for the constant support and love, you guys are amazing @cjohnson9598 @sween181 @r.sweeney9 @_triplej06 @b_davis775 @miranda.rasmussen16 @erincampbell8888 @thaddeusjameson @fredfahner and all of the rest of you guys without instagrams! . And to the guy who believed in me from day one, has spent countless hours coaching me and has become one of my great friends @tzstrength We’re #gamesbound Bubba! . To my @crossfitpowerstroke family, I love you all and can’t wait to get back and kick it with you guys in the gym! You guys are a huge motivation for me to always do my best. . To the fans, judges, volunteers, and directors of @fittestincapetown You guys are amazing. Thank you for having me and making this week great. . #crossfitcowboy

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    In Belgium, Koski, Castellani, Rohmesmo and Esslinger go head to head..

    CrossFit Open 19.5 Announcement Times

    • Los Angeles, USA – 16:00 pm Thursday
    • Miami, USA – 19:00 pm Thursday
    • Rio De Janeiro, Brazil – 20:00 Thursday
    • Dublin, Ireland – Midnight
    • London, England – Midnight
    • Antwerp, Belgium – Friday 01:00 am
    • Berlin Germany – Friday 01:00 am
    • Moscow, Russia – Friday 02:00 am
    • Perth, Australia – Friday 07:00 am
    • Wollongong, Australia – Friday 11:00 am

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