CrossFit 10+ Affiliate Summit

    It's hard to believe we've seen 10 years of CrossFit affiliates. They've brought a whole lot of diversity and excitement to the CrossFit world and really represent a large part of what CrossFit it. For the first time, CrossFit Inc. is welcoming affiliates who've been with CrossFit for more than 10 years, to 10+ summit in Whistler. The purpose of which is give affiliates a chance to understand the future of CrossFit and give their ideas.

    CrossFit Inc. is more of a dictatorship than a democracy, with affiliates having little say in how things might be progressed or changed. Of course, affiliates have a lot of autonomy in their domain and are pretty much free to do as they choose - provided they are offering genuine CrossFit. But the summit is a chance for headquarters to make sure everyone is on the same page.

    The organisation and structure of the summit was pretty loose. Greg Glassman (the Founder and Chairman of CrossFit Inc.) has said he wants to keep things unstructured to give these longtime affiliates a chance to voice their concerns and give their opinions and feedback about the future of CrossFit.

    As the blurb for the event states, when the 10 year affiliates signed up, things were tricky for the economy and no one was thinking about starting up gyms, let alone something quite as revolutionary as CrossFit. These affiliates who signed up all that time ago took a giant leap of faith to do this, and it's paid off rather well.

    So what to expect from the summit? Well it's a bit hit and miss trying to guess what might and might not happen. There's one thing that is for sure though. That's that Glassman will use this more as a training opportunity in how to spread the CrossFit gospel better. He's not one for business training and we can expect more of she same from the summit.

    Hugo Gibson

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