Chyna Cho has joined Crossfit Mayhem

    6 time individual athelete, Chyna Cho has joined Mayhem Freedom

    Chyna Cho a 6 times individual, Crossfit Gamse athelete, has join Crossfit Mayhem Freedom, replacing Kristin Miller who has now joined Mayhem Independence. So far Neither Mayhem or Freedom have qualified for the Crossfit Games. With the new team format and essentially the creation of super teams, the 'team' enviroment has become increasingly competitive.

    Rumours first strated circulated when the below picture was published. Turnes out they were true.

    The Mayhem teams now look like this:

    Mayhem Freedom - Rich Froning, Dre Strohm, Tasia Percevecz and Chyna Cho

    Mayhem Independence - Chase Hill, JJ Finn, Elly Kabboord Kearcher, Kristin Miller

    Two good teams for the Asia Championships later this month.

    Harry Gibson

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