Ben Smith is back

    Ben Smith is back in 2019 CrossFit Games

    Ben Smith has been offered a wild card at the CrossFit games 2019 and has accepted it. For fans of CrossFit and for people who have been following along, Ben Smith is a well known figure in the CrossFit world. He got his first start in the games way back in 2009, when CrossFit was hardly the mainstream juggernaut it is today. He's since managed to return to the games every year since and 2019 will mark his 11th appearance. In terms of pure longevity that truly is staggering. 11 years at the helm and pushing his body to the extreme. That's something that you have to respect.

    Smith was introduced to CrossFit by his military father when he was just 16. At that time CrossFit was just getting popular in the military and law enforcement agencies. 2 years later he was in the CrossFit games for the first time at only age 18. He placed 64th the first time around, 8th in 2010, before winning the games in 2015. Many people have toted Ben as a CrossFit icon. And it's a fair shout. He gained popularity through his garage workout videos and has been a stalwart fo the CrossFit community since.

    Other athletes expressed their support for Smith's wildcard and in all, the feeling is that this is a good thing.

    Personally I think it's great that the Games have decided to include Smith as a wild card. He's a fan favourite and loyal CrossFit follower and I think it's great that he's been invited back. Given that the loud-mouthed Hunter McIntyre was given a wildcard, claiming he can dethrone Matt Fraser, I think Ben Smith - humble and grateful - is just as worthy of the wild card call up. It's sure to be an explosive competition.

    Hugo Gibson

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