All the Fraser Interviews

    Roundup of the best online Frase Interviews

    What we belive to be some of the best Fraser content out there:

    The NF Sport documentary filmed in 2017 when Fraser was vying to win it all. Gives what can be seen as an honest insight to a deteremined and modest mans ambtions.

    Making of a Champion

    2, The Road to the Games. Mat Fraser vs. The World

    The title alone gives an insight into the feel of the video, it must ahve been an enourmously high pressure time for the guy. It seems that he has an ability to take it in his stride though.

    3, A day in the life (kind of) of Mat Fraser. Brought to you by probably one of the best crossfit content creators out there Craig Richey

    4, The Drinking Bros, podcast gives some pretty decent insight in the way Mat lives. A decent conversation with some fellow Bros.

    And becasue we all love a highlight reel, here is Fraser doing what he does best at the 2018 Crossfit Games, courtesy of Rogue:

    Harry Gibson

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