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    Alec Smith Grip review

    Alec Smith is everyones favourtie gymnast, keeping us constantly entertained on IG, in a constantly varied way...

    Is it the grips that are doing it...?

    These aren't the only grips out there without finger holes, however they are certainly the first to make an appearance on the Crossfit scene.

    Alec designed them in association with Rx Smart Gear, in what they claim to be a blank canvas, makes sense as these are like no other Crossfit grips out there. Aside from the fact that there are no holes, they also act as some of the best wrist surport out there.

    Here are the hard facts: they have no holes, made out of leather (not Vegan friendly), have a removable neoprene strip for comfy wrist support and as made in association with RX smart gear they come with a RX grip keeper to prevent you from tripping over them when walking on your hands.

    What we thing.. Firstly you probably need to size up, not just us that say that but a few other reviewers out there agree, they are expensive but so is most of the good stuff in Crossfit, they will stop your hands from tearing, good on the bar, less good on the rings, don't pull on your wrist too much, got to get used to jumping up with them but that isn't too hard...

    Are they worth it... Probably as they will last you a hell of a lot longer than most other grips out there.

    Oh an finally here is bit on sizing

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