About Us

    Boxcloth was founded in 2019 with the simple aim of providing the best possible Crossfit fix, reviews, and content to newcomers and enthusiasts alike.

    Crossfit is a unique and fulfilling form of exercise that pushes you to the limits.

    Not only does it challenge your body, but it challenges your mind. We are all Crossfit addicts at Boxcloth, but we found there wasn't really enough dedicated content out there. Where do you go for your fix?

    We founded Boxcloth to answer that question. Boxcloth aims to be the place for both experienced Crossfit atheletes and newcomers alike. We cover the all the Crossfit Games and Regionals and aim to deliver the best Crossfit content around. Our coverage spans the globe, from the US to Australia and beyond.

    You can contact any member of the Boxcloth Team by emailing info@boxcloth.com.