The 2019 Crossfit Open Leader Board

    The Crossfit Leaderboard for 2019 so far

    So far - a very small so far...

    Top 20 men's and top 20 women's has seen some surprising results. With both Tia Toomey and Matt Fraser not making the cut. Both have secured a place to Madison and both are probably concentrating on their games prep.

    In the women's there were  few familiar faces: Annie Thorisdottir, Samantha Briggs (who was part of the live announcement), Sara Sigmundsdottir and Laura Hovarth.

    19.2 is being announced from Berlin at Crossfit Aorta

    This Thursday this Thursday at 5 p.m. PT. / 2 a.m. CET.

    In association with Trifecta Nutrition.

    Harry Gibson

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