Open workout 20.3 advise is here

    Our favourite YouTube CrossFitters tell us how to smash 20.3

    What is the workout I hear you cry.... Well it is a repeat, a repeat of open work out 18.4.

    Before we go into it all though I have two questions... Does that mean Jacob Heppner is out due to the standards on handstand push ups? Is Brook Wells Going to cheat again?

    The following for time, with a 9 minute time cap

    21-15-9 Deadlifts, Handstand Push Ups

    Then (yes more to go)

    21-15-9 Deadlifts with a 50ft Hand stand walk in between each

    Weights for first part 225/115 and for second  315/205

    In Kgs that is 102/52 and 143/93

    Our advice is to be honest with how fast you can go and don't sacrifice form for speed. You could seriously injure yourself if you do.

    Here are some of the pros weighing in on what to do:

    1, Comp Train

    2, Team Richey

    3, Wod Prep

    4, Cole Sager

    5, Training Think Tank

    Harry Gibson

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